Everything seems scattered right now. Uncertain. Unknown. 

It’s a peculiar feeling because I know it’s not a bad thing, but something much more. For all my life I’ve seen God put into tiny boxes in different places. And sometimes it felt really good, because I thought I had it all figured out and was comfortable with who I thought God was and what he did.

But now I’m literally holding on to every word he says, trusting in the unseen before I can see it. It’s scary at times, and I often find myself worrying. I sometimes fail to see the big picture and only look at how big a couple weeks can be.

It’s only been a couple weeks. 

Do I really know how short of a time that is? It’s feels so long, but it’s so small compared to the rest of life and eternity.

I’m done putting God in boxes. He’s Lord over my life, and he’s going to guide these pieces home.

His promises fill me with hope.


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