Revelation #3

“You delight in showing mercy

And mercy triumphs over judgement”

– Mercy by Amanda Cook

If you haven’t heard Amanda Cook’s new album yet, go look it up on YouTube. It’s amazing. It’s called Brave New World.

Did you look it up yet? I’m serious. It’s that good. 

One of the songs on there is called Mercy, and the lyrics above are the lyrics to the chorus.

As a Christian, I can see how God delights in showing mercy, and I love the song for that. But something about the second part, the part about mercy triumphing over judgement, made me pause and think for a moment. 

When I hear that phrase, it intially sounds like mercy takes away judgement, and judgement is simply wiped out. And for me, that’s true. When I accept Jesus’ grace, I accept his mercy as an exchange for judgement. I don’t have to experience it. 

But God is so much better than that. He doesn’t just ignore his commands and promises to judge evil. He can’t ignore evil. He has to punish evil.

A good God wouldn’t let evil go unpunished. 

But that’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus doesn’t just plead with God to withhold his punishment to those who are evil. He doesn’t ask God to forget about our sinful choices and move on. 

No, instead, he says, “I’ll take the punishment! I’ll give mercy to them and take what they deserve.” 

How crazy is that? How extravagant is that kind of love?

Mercy doesn’t just triumph over judgement, it’s exchanged for judgement. Jesus hands us mercy and takes on the punishment. 

Words can’t even begin to describe how amazing that is…


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