How come so many “Christians” know so little about Jesus? 

Have they forgotten what the Christ means in Christian? I’ve met so many people who talk about God, or some higher being, and how they have values and good moral standards, but then I hear nothing about Jesus. And they say they’re Christians.

Isn’t that weird?


2 thoughts on “Christian”

  1. We are all on different places with our walk, so that’s for starters. I’ve been saved since I can remember but it was only this past summer where I truly encountered Christ and became forever changed as a result. One thing I do know is that having a relationship with Christ calls for a lot of responsibility and sacrifice to say the least. Those are things unattractive to many people, including Christians, but hey, many are called but few answer. The way to death is wide and the path to life is narrow and not many get through. On the day of his return, many will call out ‘Lord, lord,’ but Christ will say he never knew them. Not trying to go all revelations on you XD There’s just a lot of scripture about this, so I guess it’s not that weird.


    1. Hi Charis! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I agree that people are obviously on different places with their walk, so I don’t judge their relationship with God. However, what I was mostly getting at was to look at the word “Christian” and how its definition has been very broadened. I like to think of it like this: a football player would be known for playing football, right? But if he just talked about it all the time, and you never saw him once with a football, you’d think it’d be a little weird. The same goes with Christians. It’s weird that what we are called isn’t necessarily what we are known for, but as you pointed out, it isn’t surprising because scripture does talk about this. It’s weird but not surprising. I hope that clears some things up. 🙂

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