What happens when we take risks?

God is amazing.

I’m literally at a loss for words.

Sometimes people try and prove God’s existence by merely talking about it and hoping to prove it with mindless information. But it rarely works. And to be honest, It rarely convinces me, nor others, for that matter.

However, when I experience God in ways that cannot be described by mere chance, it shakes me to the core. It is the most powerful thing I can witness and use to show others God’s goodness.

A few events have taken place over the last few weeks that seemed a little odd to me, a little strange. I definitely was confused and didn’t see the big picture. The whole time, though, I just heard God’s still voice telling me to trust him and keep going. So I did. I simply obeyed him and moved onward. Anything that didn’t make sense or seemed like a drawback didn’t make me question or stop obeying God. And especially looking back now, I can see how only he could have planned it so well! The ‘drawbacks’ were no drawbacks.

God moved.

He set things in motion and then revealed a part of his purpose this evening. I can’t go into all the details on my blog, but it was incredible. I’m still shocked as I write this post.

So let it be declared everywhere that God is real, he is among us, and he is always working.

If you want to see God work in your life: get out of the way.

Put yourself into scenarios where only he can show up, and I guarantee he will not disappoint you. I promise. You may not see it right away, or even for a while. But God never delays his promises! (2 Peter 3:9)

Step out of your comfort zone and watch your world turn upside-down. It’s worth it!


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