When I look up to the night sky and see the stars glowing, I often forget how far apart they are from each other. I don’t see how wide and how deep they span across the dark  space. To me, they all align perfectly, all in a unique fashion. Some are brighter than others, perhaps some closer than others. It’s all beautiful, though.

These stars reflect my life and the millions of events that take place. Up close, they all seem sporadic, all thrown about at different times and different places. Some burn bright in my mind, while others grow dim. When I look too closely at them, they’re chaos. They’re random.

But when I look up to the night sky and see the stars glowing, I see beauty and order. I see a hand behind the majestic sight, a creator who knows far more than I do. And even though he knows more me, he also understands me and gets down to my level to stare at the stars with me.

It’s a beautiful sight.


4 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. Had a similar thought today in my Behavioral Neuroscience class. We were talking about prenatal development, and how the cells that govern our entire bodies are first made and then travel down these very set pathways, using chemical messengers from specific cells (glial cells) to guide their way, and that the spinal cord and brain forms from the inside out. Like Psalm 139:13, it was one of those awestruck moments at how infinitely God planned and structured the Universe. He put the same master craftsmanship in the stars.

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  2. I love how poetic this is! I’ve read it a few times through, and each time I’ve pulled something more beautiful from it. It’s very inspiring — one of my favorite posts of yours. (:


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