Sharing my story

While it may seem I haven’t skipped a beat with this blog and have been posting every day, I was actually away on a camping trip and scheduled posts ahead of time. It was very relaxing not having to think all the time about what to post, but the more I didn’t write, the more ideas came to mind. (Funny how ideas work that they. They show up when we least expect them.)

One common theme that kept popping into my mind was about actions over words. As a blogger, I use words all the time. And frankly, I think I use them too much. 

I once heard that you can tell who someone wants to be by their words, but you can only tell who someone is by their actions.

I think it’s clear that I’ve established who I want to be on this blog; I want to love Jesus and follow him; I want to do what he did. 

But is that who I am now?

I’d like to think I am a little bit, but I can still list so many things right now that I’ve said I wanted to do but never did. So many dreams that I’ve let drown in my words.

So I’m done talking about what I want to do. Instead, I’m going to just do them. And then you’ll see this blog become more of a story, a look back to what I wanted to do, did, and then reflected on.

I’m simply going to share my story.


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