On the subject of subjects

The more I write, the more I yearn for an overarching plot, or vision, for my blog. Not that it would become some boring home full of one idea that leaves no room for creativity or inspiration, but that it would become a beacon for something important. That it would have a main subject, if you will.

When people hear of my blog, I’m sure they think of things such as, “Jesus,” and “God.” In the past, they might have referred to it as, “the random blog about nothing and everything.” There are obviously some themes going around here.

But the actual content is quite random and can go from one topic to the next. Overall, the blog revolves around God and what he’s taught me in life, but then the individual posts are just little snippets and bits of what I’ve learned.

I want it to be a bit more organized. A bit more broad in vision, and smaller in subject.

I’m going to work on this.

So, for now, expect random posts like this. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write about butterflys. Maybe the surprise of a random topic is enjoyable to you. I like it, too—to a degree.

But enough of blindness. I want to see where I’m going, and hopefully help my readers do the same.


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