When I was in the woods

This past weekend you might have noticed I posted exactly at 5pm each day—unlike the usual posts that roll out at around quarter to midnight. The reason for this lies in the simple fact that I was miles away from any sort of connection to the Internet and relied on pre-writing my posts. It was very nice, actually, writing my posts beforehand. I felt I had time to reflect and add more than I usually do. 

Perhaps I’ll continue to post at five.

But anyway, enough about writing about writing—I went on an adventure this weekend!

I backpacked with my sister, Danielle, and my dad. It was one of those excursions that got me on my feet and helped me discover a new perspective. 

This new perspective, or rather old one that I think I lost over the years, was one of gratitude. As the summer season dipped below the horizon, I was able to become content in my life. I think all too often I got frustrated with how things were and wished they could have become better. I stopped trusting God and started trusting my own ability to change things. I rushed them in my head, and when they did not change in reality, I became distressed. 

But thankfully, being in the woods with only the necessities to the survival of life helped me appriciate how much I actually had, and to be honest, how much I didn’t even need. 

So here’s to the fall of 2015, and may it be filled with gratitude for all the things God has done, is doing, and will be doing in the future. 

Praise you, Father!


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