You will see

I find following Jesus can sometimes appear to be an interesting paradox because we live radically different, unappealing lives to the world, yet still attract people. We don’t compromise, but simply live out truth.

Deep down, I think everyone wants truth and honesty. They want love, and you don’t have to go far to see that for every bad choice someone makes, they usually have a twisted good intention in mind. Excessive drinking, for example, numbs the mind, temporarily freeing it from pain and stress.

Is getting rid of pain and stress good? Absolutely. But it’s the way we go about it that’s all wrong. We ignore our Prince of Peace and Healer to do it for us. Only Jesus can satisfy our true desires and needs.

So I think that’s what makes following Jesus attractive and appealing. On the flip side, though, it means dying to this culture and to the twisted ways of society. People will think you’re stupid. People will ignore you and exclude you. 

But just wait it out, and over time you will see that serving and loving Jesus is worth it, and it helps you far more than serving yourself.


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