Things Forgotten

God does a great job at reminding us of things forgotten. In our busy lives, we often forget who we are and who he is. We lose sight of why we’re here and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Sometimes we forget of things we should be doing, or neglect dreams lost to reality. But guess what:

Reality is only the product of dreams and ideas. No one does something without thinking first or formulating words to a plan. Sure, we might act impulsively, but even impulse behavior is birthed from a rather quick string of thoughts. God spoke the world into existence, and it is by faith and hope that we are saved.

So if dreams and ideas form our reality, we must not let go of them, and certainly not forget them.

Over the last couple weeks I started to forget about some hopes I had for the future. Not that I didn’t like them or feel they weren’t great anymore, but I was distracted by what I was doing now.

Thankfully, God remembers, and he reminds me of his goodness and hope for what he has planned for me. All I have to do is trust him and obey what he asks me to do.


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