In the past couple days, God’s been moving in incredible ways. Everywhere I turn, I see opportunities, and I’m taking advantage of them.

There’s a time for planting, and there’s a time for harvesting.

For the majority of the summer I’ve been planting a lot of seeds, but up until recently am I starting to see the fruit grow.

It’s not all clear yet, but let it be said: when you encounter Jesus and begin to really match your words with your actions, everything changes. When you follow God and trust him at whatever cost, everything changes.

This journey is bumpy at times, and I find myself teetering between being hurt and being healed. But I must have faith and push past the fear. God’s going to use my weakness to show others his strength.


2 thoughts on “Seeds”

  1. So glad I’ve come across your blog, you write so well and your love and passion for Jesus is so evident! I too feel like I’m in a season of planting, there are new opportunities coming my way and my future has suddenly seemed a lot clearer ( results day certainly pushed me in a certain direction for sure!). Thanks for sharing your own story, keep writing and using this gift God has given you 🙂


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