Life is Beautiful

Today was an interesting day.

Some not so good things happened, but then some really good things happened. It’s almost like the goodness completely covered over the badness, and I’m left with hope and expectation for the future.

It really is all about perspective, for the bad things that happened today feel like a small speck now once I see the light. I see God moving in so many new ways, and I feel like a child on Christmas morning full of joy for the gifts that are about to be revealed to me.

Do I deserve the gifts? No. That makes me all the more excited, though, because I was given them as gifts, and not payments for what I’ve done.

So here’s a shoutout to God’s goodness! I hope I never forget this day—this horrible, yet spectacular day. I thank God for the friends he’s given me and the encouragement they are. I thank him for my family and the hope that he brings them. 

Life is beautiful, no matter how big the specks of suffering become.


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