Almost Last Post

I was about to quit.

Over the last couple days, I’ve been fumbling with the idea about quiting my blog, packing my bags, and leaving creativity behind. It’s not that creativity isn’t bad, and it’s not that writing a blog is bad, either. It’s the fact that I feel like my life is too crowded, too spread out into a weak, thin piece of existence.

I rather be locked away in a single area of focus and give all that I have to that. That’s what I want to do.

So I thought about not posting anymore. 

Then a friend of mine started blogging again and it helped me recapture what I was doing and why. In fact, it reaffirmed that I shouldn’t quit writing, but write all the more.

As I’ve spoken with God every day, I constantly ask him, “Should I stop writing on my blog?” And he always answers back to my surprise, “No.”

Instead, what I hear him keep saying is to quit other things that try and grab my attention, energy, and time.

Television, for example.

To think I was about to quit writing due to a lack of time before I quit watching TV due to a lack of time is ridiculous. 

As sometimes relaxing and inspiring TV can be, it’s not as fulfilling as writing and pouring myself into my blog. 

So that’s what I’m learning. Evaluating what I’m doing, and dropping the most useless activities.


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