The Answer

If pride is the center of evil; if selfishness causes all pain, then what is the center of goodness? What lies at the heart of love? 

Selflessness. Humility.

But I rarely see this in society. And sadly, I rarely see this as often as I see pride and entitlement in my own life.

We’re all struggling to go up when the answer is only found when we move downward toward humility.

We worry too much about our well-being, which only causes discomfort and a lack of well-being. Problem leads to problem. Dead end.

So let’s break the cycle, and instead of looking inward for some solution, some intuitive new way of living, let’s look at someone who already perfectly demonstrated selflessness. Let’s look at Jesus, for in him we see that humility raises us up and brings fulfillment to our lives.


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