Quit something

It’s easy to say “yes” to good things, but when we say “yes” to something, it means we automatically say “no” to something else. Therefore, we could be saying “no” to other good things. 

So how do we know what to say “yes” to? That’s a hard question to answer, but I think it’s more hard in our hearts than it is practically. Because practically, it’s simple. We have to say “no” to what we like in order to say “yes” to what we really like and want to see flourish. It means we have to quit something.

We say we’re busy all the time, but do we need to be? Do we have to juggle all these great activities that aren’t necessary? Let’s quit something, then! Find something we really like, and be done with it. Don’t just quit to quit, but quit to grow. Quit something so that what echoes deep in our hearts comes to the surface. Quit something so that lives can be transformed and God’s hope will take its rightful place in our minds. 

Quit what isn’t needed so that what’s needed can be met with fulfillment.


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