Let’s not settle for the status quo, but instead reach beyond ourselves and our ambitions and into something new. The moment we dine with Apathy, or feast with Mr. Mediocre, we’re bound for trouble. We’re bound to be stuffed to the brim, and overflow with chaos.

No, let’s strip down to the necessities. Let’s find the adventure again, the thrill of life that’s found only in the present. Obviously, let’s not neglect the future and the possibilities that await us! And let’s not scoff at the past, but reflect upon it with all sincerity of understanding in order to grow and produce the most prosperous fruit. Yes, let us always be acquainted with Past, Present, and Future, so that we can move past the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

No, I’m not just using pleasant words to please an ignorant mind—one that smiles upon reading but sits still upon further action. Nonsense. I’m speaking to those that will be inspired and motivated to take action now. That’s right; what use is it to stir the heart but have the soul, mind, and strength remain untouched? The only result of that is disconnection which leads to disillusionment. And that runs straight into deceit and blindness.

Let’s get all of ourselves engaged, fully mindful of what we ought to do.

What are you waiting for?


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