How to sustain a relationship with Jesus in 3 simple steps

So I wrote this little how-to a couple years ago in a journal and thought it would be worth sharing. Now mind you, it’s a little blunt because I was writing to myself and trying to be as honest as possible. But I think that’s ok, because sometimes we need to be brutally honest with ourselves and others. So without further ado, here are three simple (but not easy) steps on how to not just have, but sustain a relationship with Jesus.

1. Stop wasting time doing mindless things.

2. Wow, now you have a lot more time for Jesus!

3. Spend time with Jesus! (Read the Word, pray, worship, and grow with other believers)

Basically, do what is necessary, and then any free time you have, spend it by building your relationship with Jesus, both alone and in public. It’s not a tedious, legalistic task, but a passion and desire from deep within.

Also, there are a ton of benefits, or fruit, that will follow from planting these seeds. Here are a few:

1. When you are seen having a true relationship with God, other people will want it.

It spreads.

2. You’ll live a much more simpler, worry-free life.

3. Your confidence will increase.

4. You’ll become more and more humble and have a servant’s heart.

5. Your relationships with others gets better. How cool is that?

Sustaining… It will change your life.


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