Perfect timing

Sometimes I yearn for God to work powerfully right away. I want to see people healed, or doors opened for deeper conversations. 

I guess you could say I get impatient.

But I learned something the other day, something that I think we all know, but don’t really understand fully.

Jesus, for the majority of his life, didn’t perform miracles. Isn’t that an odd fact? The Son of God, our savior and Messiah, was for the most part an average man for most of his life. Sure, he was good and grew in favor with God and man as he aged, but nothing “huge” happened to him early on.

My point in saying this is that I think we sometimes forget about God’s timing, his perfect timing. He knows what he’s doing. And yeah, right now might feel like a dull, opportunity-less period of time, but things will change. That’s what God keeps telling me, over and over again. 

Be patient.


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