How does one change culture? Do they ignore it all together and hope for the best? Do they act differently and hope others follows? 

What defines culture, anyway? 

I think the first step in changing culture is to talk about culture. You can’t discuss solutions without evaluating the problem. And is it just me, or has the word “culture” been used a lot more in our everyday speech? Not in the way it actually is, but rather as some unseen, unknown, and uncontrollable force? We blame the culture. We hate the culture. We love the culture. We can’t control the culture. It just plows onward, constantly changing, urging us on to keep up with it.

Peculiar, isn’t it? Because culture is in fact made up by us. We can control it, but only if we start acting like we can. So let’s talk about culture, what’s wrong with it, and how we can change it. 



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