Stop, slow, stop, slow

Pennsylvania is notorious for its road work. One does not simply drive any great length of distance without facing this cultural norm in the state. 

I happened to face this cultural norm as I drove home tonight from youth group.

I took the usual route home but was stopped by a road worker with a two-faced sign. One side said STOP, while the other said SLOW.

The person looked bored.

So I waited for a while until I saw the worker fidgeting. Surely, I thought, it was my turn to go. She was moving the sign, yes, it was turning! I saw the SLOW part of it, and before I could shout “road work,” the lady flipped it back to STOP. She then proceeded to turn the sign frivolously and quickly, boggling my mind as to whether I should go or not.

Suffice it to say, I believe I was in the midst of the common troll.

It was rather amusing, but I did learn one thing:

Sometimes it seems like slow and stop are synonymous to each other. We think if we’re going slow, we’re not moving forward. I guess the thing about slowness is that it sometimes doesn’t feel like anything—it feels like we’ve stopped. Dead end. No progress.

But as we also say, slow and steady wins the race.


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