Illusion or Undesired Truth?

I was recently talking to someone about the existence of God, and we went back and forth about evidence for His existence. Eventually the person said, “what if I don’t want God?” 

At the time I didn’t have the best response but simply said, “then we’re not talking about the same God, because my God is wanted.”

Later I thought about our conversation and realized something. How can you not want something that doesn’t exist? If God isn’t real, how can you say you don’t want Him? That’s not possible. To the contrary, I think because you don’t want God, you therefore say He doesn’t exist. It’s an easy excuse. If you have a conflict, all you have to do is say it doesn’t exist, and you’ll be “fine.”

Not really.

As I once read in The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel, “are you trying to poke holes in Christianity because you really think it’s an illusion—or are you raising objections because you don’t want it to be true?”

Because if Christianity is true, your life as it is will have to turn upside down. And it will be worth it.


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