Thoughts on wasting time

Pardon my complete neglect for the last post and how I said I wouldn’t post if it was past 9. I don’t know what I was thinking, but obviously I’m still posting.

In completely unrelated news, I really dislike Facebook newsfeeds. They’re so addicting, so unfulfilling, so pointless, and so distorted that I can’t help but find myself scrolling through them every now and then.

Like tonight for an hour.*

I feel like Facebook newsfeeds are like a group of people standing in a line shouting out random ideas or thoughts, all the while hoping that someone hears them and responds to them. 

Is it just me or does something seem off? I can’t quite describe it with words, but there seems to be a disconnect, an elephant in the room, if you will. Everyone talks/jokes/worries about how it’s bad that people are glued to their phones, but no one does anything about it. 

We’re more connected than ever yet so far away from one another.

Obviously something’s wrong, and I’m curious as to when it will all change. Will people wake up or fall into a deeper slumber?

I for one am choosing to wake up. It’s not very fun at first, but it pays off in the end.

*I don’t know exactly how long I was scrolling, but I don’t want to be prideful and say it was less time, or crazy and say it was more. It was a rough estimate.


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