For everything there is a season

I felt inspired to write today, but then stumbled across my YouTube subscriptions. An hour or two later I was once again inspired to write, but was filled with a desire to make music. Thirty minutes passed fiddling with FL Studio and I realized I still hadn’t written a blog post.

So here’s a good topic to discuss today: doing the right thing at the wrong time.

I recently read a blog post about how procrastinators often find themselves in a “dark playground,” a place full of good things that are not good in the moment. As someone who used to procrastinate (and still does from time to time), I know what this is like. It’s literally like a dark playground—-as if you were a kid going out to a playground at three in the morning. That’s a dumb thing to do.

The playground’s great, but not at three in the morning.

This principle can apply to almost anything, and it’s also where where things get tricky. Because it means that anything good, even being kind to someone, for example, could be bad in the wrong moment. Writing a blog could not be the best thing to do late at night. Scratch the “could.”

It is.

Every day I’m learning when to do things and when not to do them. Too often when we’re younger we’re taught good vs evil. Evil is everything, well, bad, like stealing, killing, or lying. The list could go on. But what I think a lot of people miss is the gray area, the area full of good things at the wrong moments.

Guess what? It’s bad.

I know, it looks really good, but it’s not.

There’s a time for everything.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.


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