Say Goodbye

Let go of something and see if it’s so important as to find its way back into your life. Try it. Take a leaf and blow it into the wind. Does it come back? Does it matter to you? Do you matter to it?

Take your comfort; toss it overboard. It was causing your boat to sink, anyway, and perhaps when the raging sea of life calms, it will find its way back to you. Don’t worry about it now, though!

Now, find something you love. No, not a person, but a thing, a mindless thing that could do without you for a while. Television? Splendid! Facebook? Most definitely! Sit down with these things and have a meeting with them; tell them who’s boss. They won’t listen very well to you, in which case you can very well kick them out your front door and wish them luck in the monstrous city of life.

Don’t wait until they come back. They’re not coming? They’re never coming? Why, isn’t that a strange thing, something you love isn’t even bothering to send a postcard. How rude.

But here’s the thing about life: you can only love so much before it begins to become a weight upon your life. If you try loving everyone and everything equally and fully, you’ll find it an impossible task. Learn to fully love a few things. Learn to love what’s best in life, and don’t settle for anything less than that.

And if anything, don’t ever waste time. Hold on to it dearly, and say goodbye to useless ideas and habits.


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