Still Life Photo Shoot

Well, today was the last day of school for me. Woot woot! This year has been amazing, and I’m looking forward to the next! In honor of school, I had a final photography assignment to post, so I decided to just copy it over onto here. Enjoy!


Before venturing out on my still life shoot, I decided to do some research on still life photography. I first looked up Andre Kertesz and his work, and oh my, is he a brilliant photographer!


This picture is inspiring because it looks like a painting, which I think is the point of still life photography, to make life appear still. (I know, that definition was very thoughtful.) The lighting is key here, and it is evident that Kertez knew how to manipulate it to his liking.

Next, I looked up Josf Sudek, and likewise with Kertez, was amazed at his pictures.

SudekStill1I really liked these black and white photos because they kept the focus on the light more than a variety of colors would.  This made me want to only take black and white pictures.

However, before I whipped out my camera, I looked at Jan Groover’s work.


This picture appears to have a more sepia feel to it, but I still like it. I also like how complex it is, with all the different objects and shadows and light. Very creative!

And speaking of creative, it was my turn to unleash my intuition, so I grabbed my camera, light, and anything white, and proceeded to take these pictures:

tea 2fruit 1 apple 1 banana 1 DSCN6894 DSCN6897 DSCN6905 fruit still life 1 tea 1


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