How to make a blog in 4.5 easy steps

I love steps and blogs, so I thought this would be the perfect post for today. If you have a knack for writing, this is for you. Or if you have a knack for reading about things you won’t do, you can enjoy this, too.

Anyway, onward to step uno!

Step 1: Sign up on a blogging website like blogspot or WordPress

This is by far the easiest step in the process because all you need to do is go to or and sign up using you email address. I’ve used both websites to blog and they each have pros and cons.

For instance, blogspot is great for beginners; it’s user-friendly and simple. Its simplicity sort of leads to its downfall, as you can’t do much with it. On the flip-side, though, WordPress is a little bit more complicated, which can get confusing, but there are so many amazing features.

The choice is yours to make, but once you have an account, you can then move on to step 2, which doesn’t need much explanation.

Step 2: Create a blog

See? It’s not that hard.

Step 3: Name your blog

This. Is. Important. Your blog name is crucial, as it conveys everything that your blog is about to your readers. Along with the name for your blog, you need to choose a URL. My old URL was This was the worst decision I ever made because it’s incredibly long and hard to remember.

NOTE: Your blog name and URL do not have to be the same. For example, my new URL is, but my blog name is still “Unconventional Speculations.” If you have a short blog name, then make it the URL, but if not, don’t make it the same.

When choosing your blog name, jot down three words that you want to describe your blog, and see if they spark any inspiring names.

Step 4: Write on your blog

This sounds easier than it is. Trust me, I know. Some days I’m like, “Great Gatsby! I have the perfect blog idea!” And boom, 500 words later a piece of heaven is published on the internet. Then I wake up and realize it was a dream.

If you want to keep a blog, know that it will take some planning. I like to keep a list of blog ideas on my phone so that if an idea pops into my head randomly, I can write it down instantly. If you’re old fashioned, you can keep a handy-dandy notebook with you and be like Steve himself.

Step 4.5: Write like no one’s reading

This is perhaps not a complete step, but a very important half step. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s sooooo easy to write with a vast audience in mind and think the whole world’s watching you. Guess what, though? They’re not. And until they do, you can simply be yourself and write what’s on your mind. Say something random if you want to say something random. Whatever it is, be real. Be authentic. The internet is chalk-full of fake entertainers. The world is full of fake people acting real instead of being real.

Some posts are going to be really bad, and some will be good. The point of blogging is not to be perfect, which is something I personally learned over the last few months, but rather to be genuine and grow as a writer. Never lose sight of that. If you hold on to that foundation, you’re bound for success in your blog.


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