Knowing the truth

Sometimes it’s easy to read words without understanding them. You’re almost just looking at them, a simple observer observing something that is observed. You’re hearing noises instead of listening to a specific sound. Talking about nothing like it’s something.

But sometimes when you read something, it sinks in. It grabs a hold of you, turns you upside down for a moment, and gives you a new perspective. It touches your very soul, which is connected somewhere between the heart and mind.

When I read the Bible, it comes to life. It’s more than just some advice, and it sinks in. For instance, I read that God rewards those who sincerely seek him (Heb 11:6), and something clicked. I think too many Christians look at spending time with God as an obligation, and I myself lapse into this mentality sometimes. But when I look back to the days that I really did run after God, with no obligations nor reasons, I get an overwhelming sense of his presence and joy that accompanies spending time with him.  When I seek him, I get that beautiful reward of peace and joy, knowing who I am and who he is. Knowing that’s he’s made wonderful promises, and he’s kept every single one of them.

Once you experience this, there’s no turning back. Because in the end, why would you want to return to the swamps after living in the Kingdom?


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